Make your wedding day really memorable with a live event painting made by Federica, catching the spirit of your event through details from the venue, oral decorations and spots of the reception.
Or entertain your guests with our individual portrait painting service!

We are also available for creating special illustrations and paintings from photos such as portraits or favorite details and scenes from your wedding.
Photo commissions are painted in studio and delivered worldwide.
The fee starts from € 500,00 and depends on how far is the event.

Just get in touch and ask for a bespoke quote!


We paint up to 5 hours during your event, accordingly to your day-of schedule.
Cause every wedding is different, we’ll discuss and agree on timing and type of service to fit with your needs when you get in touch.


Most venues are happy to accommodate artists but it is a good idea to check with them when you book.
For painting on canvas services we just need to set our easel near the area where your event take place; for portraits we need to set up with a garden table, completed by three chairs, provided by the venue.

We can paint outside providing the weather is good enough, but we also suggest to have an indoor alternative planned just in case.
Whatever the weather, if you want us to paint outside we would love it if your venue can provide a nice sturdy parasol!

For both services we need access a sink to wash brushes, and whether our service needs to continue a er the sunset we kindly ask the venue to provide with a spotlight connected to a plug.


Large canvas are painted with acrylic colors that dry pretty quickly, so that the artwork can be packed when the service ends to be taken back studio for the nal touches. Individual portraits are painted with watercolors on 300gm natural white artistic paper

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