Don’t know where to start? Here you can nd 6 beautiful ready-to-go suites: Monogram, Flora, Earl Grey, Grace, La Belle, The Empress and Natura

Take a look through our Semi-Custom Suites to choose a suite that best reflects your unique aesthetic!

Step n. 1

You will receive your customized proposal within a few days. Once your proposal is approved, you can sign the contract and submit your deposit to get started!

Step n. 2

Within 5-10 days I will be in touch with your first Design Draft featuring your unique paper and color selections. Your order includes 2 rounds of revision to ne tune your suite until it’s exactly the way you envisioned!

Step n. 3

When your suite is perfect and you have approved your designs for print, I will begin the production process right away! The production process takes between 3-4 weeks depending on the items included with your suite.

Here is an inspiration of what you can do with one of these semi-custom suites.

First Option

Monogram Suite – No.4 / Heirloom

300 gsm cotton paper with hand deckled edges, regular B6 Mist envelope + liner & vellum wrap Vintage Landscape

Second Option

Monogram Suite – No.6 / Old Crest + handwritten names with Calligraphy style No.3 Romantic Flourished

300 gsm cotton paper in white and champagne with hand deckled edges, regular B6 Deep Dusty Green envelope + liner & vellum wrap W.Morris 2



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